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This warm and inviting nook in the heart of Soho manages to be both authentically Spanish and admirably cliché-free (apart from the giant hams dangling from the ceiling).

Unusual flavours, as at Beagle's high-end sibling, are a signature. Corn on the cob was rubbed with flowery-scented meadowsweet, which permeated the butter. Hispi cabbage had an unusual taste that turned out to be clover. Harvester this is not.

Tables stripped planks; plates are enamelled, some seats are oil drums. But wait a minute, isn’t this the latest venture from Ollie Dabbous, a chef so cutting edge he could probably chop down a wild elderberry shrub with his bare hands while out foraging. 



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Review Submitted: 25 March 2016

Tasty food and good enviroment

Well, you should try out the food in Beagle & Qo i am sure you will visit again here. The quality food here make it a place different from other restaurants in the central London.
Review Submitted: 25 March 2016

Delicious food i have ever tasted

I visited Beagle & Qo on recommendation of a friend and i must say this place is worth a try. the food quality is great and love the atmosphere around. thanks

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