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Techi-Fase has been working for a very long time, offering PC parts and peripherals to system manufacturers and people for quite a long time and years.

For some individuals, Techi-Fase is their first and last destination with regards to PC building, and notwithstanding for the individuals who wind up purchasing somewhere else, we do a lot of our research at Techi-Fase first to ensure that people are purchasing the best deal at the best costs. Techi-Fase doesn't hold back on the choice, either—truly all that you have to build a PC is accessible from their online store or form their shopping store, with quick and reasonable shipping, complete with enough tools and choices to ensure you're purchasing precisely what you need nothing more or less,all of components and parts of your segments will work together when you get them.

Techi-Fase has correlation devices to offer you some assistance with making that troublesome choice between one video card and the following model over, and our deals and discounts are particularly greater and a lot to get from.


Cloud Storage 2 TB Backup Service

Cloud Storage 2 TB Backup Service


If you are worried about losing those valuable memories, critical information files and all your...

35,00 EUR

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Review Submitted: 25 March 2016

Quality stuff

For this purchase I picked up a wireless N adapter for one of the computers I have in the living room. A MB-650B Mid Tower case along with a an Intel 1155 motherboard for another computer that will be in the living room. It couldn't have gone more smoothly. Know what you are getting beforehand.
Review Submitted: 25 March 2016

Brought a Laptop from this store

I bought a Y510P Lenovo laptop base model from Techi-Fase. , no damage what so ever. Very Satisfying and recommended, be sure to check all of there stock first on website before purchasing so that you get the best stuff from there.

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